Specialized knowledge network in the development of markets, products and businesses, with a focus on innovation and value creation through differentiated, efficient and more humanized management practices.


Integrated movements to generate differentials and value for organizations.


Creation of innovative products and services through a knowledge network.

To lead is to care, to challenge, to set an example and to develop people so that they are better than you.


We are flexible to new technologies, but slow to learn the language of the new paradigms. This slowness stems from our mental models. The beliefs and assumptions about life and the world that are ingrained within us.

In strategic thinking we need to learn to think in a structured way, asking intelligent questions and searching for the meaning and meaning of things.

Therefore, we can define it as the ability to perceive the signs and subtleties of the contexts and trends of the environments, interpret their contradictions and foresee the possibilities of future occurrences and their impacts on the business.


The purpose of the strategy is to create value for the organization and clearly perceived advantages.


It is a simplified representation of how a business should operate in a competitive way, with superior performance to its competitors and with the creation of value perceived by its customers and shareholders.


Association of skills and methods, policies, techniques and defined practices, in order to manage internal behaviors and enhance human capital in organizations.

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Why G12 Innovation?
Get to know our vision
G12 Innovation was a game changer in my business! With them I opened up to new ideas and consequently expanded my company quickly and in the right direction, safely and improving my profits. Today I am taking a big step by opening franchises of my business model thanks to Gilmar Lima and his team. Thank you all!

Mariana Cima – RentMe!

Our organizations are lacking in sensitivity and managers who know how to care, set an example, inspire and develop people. The biggest challenge for companies is not to create spectacular motivational programs, but rather to have simple attitudes so as not to demotivate and create a happy environment where everyone feels part of something bigger.
Gilmar Lima

Strategic Partners


A global leader in Specialty Materials.


Transfer of Technology in Composites, development of high-performance products and nondestructive tests for metal and composites. 

First training platform dedicated to composite manufacturing processes.

Knowledge management, strategic design and video production.

Composites manufacturing


A business platform of innovative solutions in polyurethane and waste composites. 


Real-state builder and developer.


Chemicals industry and trade.