We are different!

Our beliefs, experiences and expectations are unique.
We have different motivations and purposes.
The new generations are even more complex and intriguing.
They are more connected, anxious and restless.
Saying “no” and “it is like this”, today needs to be explained and coherently.
For this reason, we need to transcend the way of educating.
Passing through family, schools, universities and organizations.
If we do not review our model of developing people, we will have a generation of human beings that are even more distressed and lackluster.
More than training professionals and talents, we need to prepare people for life.
Organizations that insist on maintaining standard hiring, motivation, succession, hierarchy and communication models will not keep the best.
We need happy, bright, inspiring environments that enhance the best of each individual.
Boards of directors “only” with experienced executives are at risk of misinterpreting this new era of people.
Learning and performance with methodology and management that worked in the past, will certainly not give good legacies.
Educating becomes an art of creativity, inspiration, discovery, detachment and a lot of sensitivity.

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