Magic organizations exist!

Two years ago, I wrote an article, “Magic Organizations“.

This reflection on “Organizations of the future,” was published in several countries. I received many messages from people who identified and dreamed of working in companies with this profile. Others questioned whether these companies existed and would be successful in the corporate world.

This management model is uncomfortable, because it questions and breaks mental models, plastered organization charts and mainly the way of “caring” for people. These companies understand their role and want to leave a legacy of good for the planet.

Performance is key, but doing it with love and joy is essential. During these two years, I met many organizations that are in this direction, but one company surprised, because it represents the culture and life of a Magic Organization very well. Talking to your

President and founder, he said: “Here we have fun and work hard.” This company grows exponentially, has a passionate team and an innovative and fantastic business model. Long live these visionaries and may they continue to enchant!

The Brazilian and Curitiba native – MadeiraMadeira – is a magical organization.

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