To live better…

“To live better …Don’t worry, get busy. Occupy your time, occupy your space, occupy your mind. Don’t despair, wait. Wait for the dust to settle, wait for the time to pass, wait for the anger to fade. Don’t be upset, be willing. Have good words, have good vibes, always have. Don’t get tired, rest. Rest […]

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Magic organizations exist!

Two years ago, I wrote an article, “Magic Organizations“. This reflection on “Organizations of the future,” was published in several countries. I received many messages from people who identified and dreamed of working in companies with this profile. Others questioned whether these companies existed and would be successful in the corporate world. This management model […]

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We are different!

Our beliefs, experiences and expectations are unique.We have different motivations and purposes.The new generations are even more complex and intriguing.They are more connected, anxious and restless.Saying “no” and “it is like this”, today needs to be explained and coherently.For this reason, we need to transcend the way of educating.Passing through family, schools, universities and organizations.If […]

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