To live better…

“To live better …
Don’t worry, get busy. Occupy your time, occupy your space, occupy your mind. Don’t despair, wait. Wait for the dust to settle, wait for the time to pass, wait for the anger to fade. Don’t be upset, be willing. Have good words, have good vibes, always have. Don’t get tired, rest. Rest your mind, rest your legs, rest everything. Don’t belittle it, cherish it. Values ​​for quality, values, values. Don’t bother, settle down. Accommodate your body, accommodate your spirit, accommodate your life. Don’t be suspicious, trust. Trust your sixth sense, trust you, trust God. Don’t torture yourself, put up with it. Endure with patience, endure with resignation, endure with tolerance. Do not press,
impress. Impress by humility, impress by simplicity, impress by elegance. Don’t mistreat, treat well. Treat people well, treat animals well, treat the planet well. Do not disturb, work. Work your humanity, work your frustrations, work your virtues. Don’t conspire, inhale. Inspire people, inspire talent, inspire health. Don’t panic, pray. Pray to God! Only then will we live better days ”.

Part of the text by Bruno Pitanga
PhD in Neuroimmunology and Neuroscientist

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